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Comments on the Warren King Tribute and the film, "Teaching Us To See"
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Jeff Widener

I cannot begin to tell you how much I enjoyed myself on this Tribute reunion. What you accomplished was an extraordinary feat. In all my travels around the world, I have yet to see so much love spread around a room as seen during the Tribute.

Paul & Donna Moshay

Dear Jeff, We wish to thank you for a most wonderful evening honoring our
dear friend and teacher Warren. You three men worked so very hard and long to
produce a most fitting tribute and I was honored to be a small part of it.
You three gave voice to all our feelings about Warren and I am sure everyone
there will  never forget it. Too often in life such a tribute is only given
when the person is no longer with us, and that is a shame. Thank you for a
beautiful evening.

Sandy & Walter Kaye

You did a fantastic job Sat. night and of course an outstanding job on all the planning. It all came together. It was a wonderful evening. I think Warren was numb. I saw him Wed. night
and he was still sailing.   Thanks for all your work.


Jay Silverman

Congratulations on a super job,  Warren an I am sure every one in the room
were totally blown away with your presentation.  I was very impressed with
both of you....all my best, J

Dick Coskey

I shall always remember the magnificent and touching work that you did
to honor Warren King!!

Last weekend was the most touching and memorable tribute that I have
ever attended.  The video was a task in which I'm sure you have taken
justifiable  pride.  It was the outstanding segment of the ceremony.  I
was in Warren's class last night and he still has stars in his eyes when
he speaks of the tribute.  There were a multitude of surprises for
Warren that night, all offered with superb good taste.

Kristi Anderson

Thanks for all the work you did on setting up
the H. Warren King Tribute.  It was really wonderful.
I'm sure it was really special for Mr. King.  It was
very interesting seeing how many of his former
students were successful photographers.  I enjoyed the
program, the videos, and seeing old friends.

Thanks again for the wonderful evening.

Lynn Hickey

Thanks for including me in the wonderful event last Saturday... you and the other
organizers were remarkably busy making it fantastic for all of your
guests and Warren especially.  The event was amazing, and so is Warren
and so are you and your colleagues.  I hope to show the tape(s) you all
made to many teachers in order to inspire them to greater heights.

Steve Winston

Thank you your comrades for all the hard work that went into Warren's
Tribute.  It was clear that a great deal of blood sweat and tears went
into the endeavor.  I was honored and extremely touched to be a part of

Connie Gill

Congratulations to you all for a great night of celebration for warren king.  you guys did a great job of organizing, preparing, setting seatings and the whole night of entertainment and honoring Mr. king.  i feel the same way you guys do about being able to be a part of warren king's photo students. Thanks again for a great night.

Tom Bliss

You guys did a wonderful job - from the venue to the food to the video
presentations to the unbelievable number of honors bestowed on Mr. King
- bravo and thanks!

Maralee Pelka

Last Saturday night was the perfect ending to a perfect tribute to a special
person. I hope you know how much all of your work and planning materialized
into the nicest celebration that I, personally, have ever attended.
If you have any doubts or feelings that something didn't quite go the way
you had planned, FORGET IT!! It was an outstanding effort, and you have all
earned an A+. 

I just want to say thank you for including me in your celebration plans, and
allowing me to express my feelings about a man who had influenced my life,
and to convey those feelings to the man, himself. I would also like to thank
Gil, Marty, John Dechene. and Neil, whom I met that night when Gil brought him to
my table,and who gave me, probably the nicest compliment I have ever
received. You all worked so hard and it culminated into a perfect evening, that not
only was special for Warren and Dottie, but was special for all of us who
were there.

Beth Whelpey

You did SUCH a good job.
I was VERY impressed!

Greg Brown

It was wonderful. Absolutely great work by everyone involved.

Steve Feldman

Jeff - I commend you and your staff on the outstanding job you've done to honor Warren. You've impressed a lot of people with your obvious love of Warren & Dottie. Now get some sleep!

Richard Coskey

Warren - Last night reinforced the good fortune that I've been aware of for the last five years as a member of your Reseda Photo Class.  Many tribute dinners have I attended.  None have radiated the warmth and presented  the  many memorable events that were evident last night.  Marty and the  rest of your hard working graduates synthesized a presentation that will  never be forgotten.  I've never seen a better, more professionally executed and better deserved tribute than that at the Sportsman's Lodge. Thanks for being you.  Keep helping us to appreciate what is in front of

Dan Steinhardt


Jackie Gold

Jeff, You did an awesome job.  What a night to remember.  Thank you again. You can
be very proud.  now get some rest.

Bob D'Amico

Jeff and Gil, I just wanted to tell you that the event last night was amazing.
What great job you did designing a tribute filled with humor, warmth and
inspiration. Thanks so much.

John Dechene

Great job last night!  Everyone was very pleased.  Especially me.

T.C. Farley

That was an amazing "thing". The King Thing. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

Michele Bekey

You really did a superb job, & gave a great deal to a great many people. 


name: Cathy Bliss Matteri


The Warren King tribute was awesome. I can't tell you what great memories it brought back for me. Warren King was a special teacher and I have never forgotten him.(Reseda High S'65) This tribute echoed everything in my heart.....thank you for your endless hours putting it together. The video was also incredible. I purchased a copy to share with my family who were unable to travel with me.


name: K.C. "Kennedy" Gatz


To Jeff and the entire team behind the scenes, all your hard work and hours of commitment were a huge success. This was one of the most touching evenings and I think everyone who attended felt the same. For all of us in that room, were greatly influenced by an incredible man. I had the opportunity to speak with guests who didn't know Mr. King but knew of him through their partners. I asked how they felt being there? The answer was a simple one, "Now I understand". How true, Mr King and the love that surrounds him is indescribable and is an experience all it's own. I'm just glad I was a small part of it. The video was such fun and I thank you for it. I wish it could be sent to everyone who has to do with school funding. Then they could see the effects the arts and a great teacher has on a young mind. Thank You Thank You Thank You

name: Mary Robinson


What an effort and what a fabulous result. Warren certainly deserved every accolade. Congratulations and thanks to all the people who worked so hard.

name: Leytes Styles


The tribute to Mr. King was wonderful! The Committee did an incredible job putting together an event like this and deserves the highest praise. I'm sure that Mr. King appreciated it more than any of us can imagine. Without a doubt, everyone who was there that night loves Mr. King and all that he's done to encourage and inspire them. Congratulations to Mr. King, of course, on his much-deserved honors. He is a great teacher and a fine man. But, also, congratulations to the entire Committee for doing a super job in putting together a truly memorable event!

name: Robert Blair


How many people will have a Tribute paid to them filled with such genuine love, respect, and admiration?

Mr. King is one of those rare individuals who has selflessly generated compassion, love, and seemingly unlimited positive energy to his devoted students. Our evening together at the Tribute was a perfect reflection of how Warren has created this wonderful extended family.

Jeff, Marty, Michelle & John, your tireless effort and devotion for this project were extraordinary. Thank you so much to everyone who donated their valuable time to collaborate and create such a sublime evening.

name: Bernice Sedlik


The evening was perfect. Love and compassion for a truly wonderful man was evident throughout the event--just watching Warren's face light up with each new honor was enough to light up the sky.

A big thank you to all of those people who worked SO hard to make it happen. From a spark of an idea, this wonderful team created a unequaled tribute. You're the BEST!!!!!

name: Joe Hary


Jeff, The Warren King Tribute that you and your team conceived,designed and organized was outstanding, brilliant and memorable - The best, by far, of all that I have ever attended. It was a privilege to be a guest to honor Warren in a tribute he so richly deserved.

Again- the job that you guys did was awesone

And by the way- You are a fantastic Web Master

name: Pam Culp-Gligoriu


Jeff - What a GREAT job!!! The evening was wonderful and I can't begin to tell you how much the event touched me. Mr. King is such an exceptional teacher and person. I am honored that he has been a part of my life and in many ways always will be. Saturday evening made such an impression and I really look forward to getting the video to share with others.

Thank you and everyone for all of your hard work!!!

name: Chris Rhamey


I wanted to tell you what a wonderful time I had last Saturday night. What a wonderful time everyone had, not only to pay tribute Mr. King but to reunite with people we haven't seen in a long time. These opportunities for seeing old friends, especially in different grade levels, are limited and very special. Thank again Jeff for your dedication and thank you Sandra for your sacrifice.

name: Beverly Wertheimer


The tribute was the best ever. For the first time a tribute that went over six hours and was not boring has to be deemed a huge success. And no one got tired of hearing all the wonderful things about a truly remarkable man. You and your crew did a wonderful job.

name: Susan Schwartz


Thanks for putting on a fabulous event! You sure didn't miss a beat. I had anxiously been awaiting the event since January when a friend forwarded the announcement. It turned out to be more than I had ever anticipated with unexpected highlights being the 2 lifetime achievement awards including the trip to DC. The evening was very moving, to say the least.

Thanks again. You did a terrific job!

name: Robin Startk Schober


Thanks for the GREAT job you put forth organizing such a memorable tribute to such an influential man. The tribute itself, the video footage, etc. showed many of us just how Mr. King touched and influenced so many lives. I know that people who were guests of others at the tribute (including my husband) were so impressed with Mr. King, his students and his legacy. I didn't get much of a chance to "chat" with Mr. King and would love to talk to him more about his experiences in France during WW II (my mother was from that area during that time). Anyway, kudos to you and to all of the volunteers who helped make this such a memorable event.

Thank you, Robin (Stark) Schober

name: Anthony La Sala, Editor, Photo District News


First off, let me tell you that the tribute was amazing. I only recently met Warren and I was incredibly inspired and moved by that evening. I called my photo teacher when I got home. You did a wonderful job and you should be proud.

name: Adrie Nab, Brooks Institute


I have been to a lot of events in my career in many parts of the US. This one was one of the best organized large group dinners with presentations I have ever experienced. Hats off to you and your team.


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