Mr. King's teaching method worked. Working in a highly motivational environment, students aimed for excellence, were excited about their assignments, and couldn't wait to get to class each day. And once there, they worked, and worked hard. Weekends and holidays were often dedicated to experimenting with photography, capturing images for class and for themselves.

Mr. King's teaching system provided students with a means to rapidly build their technical skills, and helped them to recognize and express their inner feelings through the art of photography. Each student learned the rewards of hard work and dedication. Mr. King constructed an environment were students could build self respect, and earn the respect of others. And for many students, success in photography class was a transforming experience, both personally and academically. Finally, they found something that they could do well. Often, this success provided them with the confidence to apply themselves more seriously to their work in all of their classes.

There was a great camaraderie among the photo students, and a willingness to share their talent, knowledge, and experience with others in the group. The Photographic Society of Reseda (the photo club) was packed each year, and many a memorable moment was had on monthly photo club field trips. In the summers, Mr. King would take a large group of students on educational photo tours throughout Europe, where many captured their best images. 

His students consistently won awards in every major photography competition in the United States. Each year, Kodak and the National Scholastic Foundation sponsored a scholarship competition in which they selected the top three student photographers in the United States. Nearly every high school in the country submitted the photography portfolios of its top students. Year after year, Mr. King's Reseda High students won college scholarships and awards through the Scholastic competition, sometimes taking 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. And many other competitions were dominated by Mr. King's students. Seven students won full Art Center College scholarships from the United Way, each worth over $80,000 in today's dollars.

Mr. King's students graduated with portfolios which virtually guaranteed acceptance to the top art schools. And many students went on to study photography at the Art Center College of Design, Brooks Institute, Rochester Institute of Technology, and other programs. An astounding number of students are now successful professional photographers - some of the best in the field. Many went on to teach photography at the high school or college level. Many went into related fields like film and design. And even those students who pursued other professions will credit Mr. King as the single most influential teacher in their lives -- the teacher who helped them to build self confidence, self respect, and a sense of professionalism -- traits which prove invaluable throughout life.


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