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The Warren King Foundation thanks the following sponsors for 
their generous support and assistance. 

The Eastman Kodak Company
Eastman Kodak is an integral part of the Reseda High legacy. A large number of Reseda High graduates received college scholarships and other awards through the Kodak Scholastic Photography Competition, inspiring many to pursue careers in photography and the visual arts. Now Kodak has once again stepped up to the plate and offered their support of the Warren King Tribute. We encourage all Reseda Alumni to use Kodak film and cameras.

Epson America
Epson America has evidenced a strong commitment to photographic education with a significant contribution to the Warren King Foundation, in support of the  Warren King Foundation Epson Scholarship. Epson products include printers, scanners, projectors, paper, ink, and software. 
Click here to visit Epson's web site. 

The best place to join your friends. is providing us with assistance in locating and contacting the alumni of Reseda High and other schools in Los Angeles which participated in Mr.King's Regional Occupational Program (color lab). We encourage you to visit and register as a Reseda alumnus. There are currently several thousand registered Reseda alumni there, including many of your long-lost friends. You can post messages on the message board, and even send private messages directly to any Reseda High graduate.

The tribute committee hopes to establish a scholarship fund to provide deserving high school photography students with the opportunity to continue their photography education in college. In an effort to help out, ClassMates is donating $5.00 of each new ClassMates membership made through this link to the Warren King Honorary Photographic Scholarship Fund.


History of Reseda High School

History of Reseda High School

History of Reseda High School
by Jim Rowe '58

Reseda High School Website
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Reseda High Forum
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