The Warren King ThinG

Now that we've found you, we've only got 15,999 more alumni to find.
C'mon. Have mercy. Throw us a bone. 

We'll take any scrap of information that you can give us on anyone who attended a photo class at Reseda High School between 1955 and 1987. Even if you only remember a city or state, or last known workplace, or email address would be a big help.  Just send us an email with the information.

To refresh your memory you should check out the photo club pictures for your years at Reseda High. Minimize or resize this form while you review the photo club pictures. Then when you spot someone you know, maximize this page and enter your tips in the form below, or send us an email. If you've got your yearbooks in the closet, or out in the garage, this is your last chance to justify the destruction of the trees use to make them --  dig 'em out, and help us out!

We especially need tips regarding: (1) Students appearing in photo club club pictures with only a last name or no name at all.  (2) Students not appearing in the photo club pictures   (3) Students from other schools who attended color lab. (4) Adult school students 1950 - 2000.