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The Warren King Tribute on March 31, 2001 was a great success, a packed house with  400+ alumni in attendance. Highlights:

Scholastic representative Billy DiMichelle was present and announced that Mr. King will receive a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC on June 16. Scholastic will fly Warren and his wife Dottie to DC for the event.

Principal Robert Kladifko of Reseda High School announced the upcoming dedication of the new "Warren King Center for the Arts" at Reseda High School.

An original film, "Warren King: Teaching Us To See" premiered at the Tribute. Produced entirely by King alumni who now work in the film profession, the 30 minute film evidences the profound impact that one great teacher can have on the world, and provides indisputable proof of the importance of arts education in the high schools. The film includes a comprehensive biography of Mr. King, together with student interviews and great historical coverage of Reseda High and Mr. King's photography program through the years. You can purchase a VHS copy of the film, with all proceeds going to the Warren King Foundation / Epson Scholarship Fund. 

Ernie Brooks, Jr. presented Mr. King with a Lifetime Achievement Award from Brooks Institute, the first such award ever presented by that institution.

Dan Steinhardt '76, now at Epson America, announced that Epson would become a major sponsor of the Warren King Foundation / Epson Scholarships.

A Silent Auction at the Tribute raised thousands for the Scholarship.

Other awards and honors were presented to Mr. King by:

  • Advertising Photographers of America

  • American Society of Media Photographers

  • Professional Photographers of America

  • National Endowment for the Arts

  • Los Angeles Unified School District

  • City of Los Angeles

  • County of Los Angeles

Warren King Foundation (WKF) T-Shirts and Caps went on sale at the Tribute.  Both the caps and T-Shirts are now available in our Foundation Store.  All proceeds from the sales of "WarrenWear" go to the Warren King Foundation / Epson Scholarship. Many thanks to Tim Millen '77 for donation of these great shirts and caps. Support the Scholarship and buy yours today.

The purpose of our Tribute and our Foundation is to honor Warren King. Towards that goal, we proudly announce the  Warren King Foundation / Epson Scholarship. All net proceeds from the Tribute Dinner will be donated to the scholarship fund. But that is not enough. We must raise $40,000 to create the endowment that will fund two college scholarships each year, in perpetuity.  We need your contribution, in any amount, to help make this dream come true. To make your contribution, click here

Help Us To Find Your Classmates
We want all alumni to join the Warren King Alumni Association.
We now have an on-line list of all of missing photo alumni. Please take a look at the list and let us know if you recognize any of the names. Even knowing a first name, married name, parent's name, the location of a sibling, an old address, a birth date, or college, military, or job information can help point us in the right direction. The list may take a full minute or more to appear on your screen, so please be patient and wait for it to load. 

Please Tell Your Story
All alumni are invited to share their thoughts, stories, and appreciation of Warren King in our Guest Book. Your comments will be added to a book which was presented to Mr. King at the Tribute. Please post your comments in the Guest Book

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Epson America Supports the Warren King Scholarship Fund
Epson America  evidenced its support of arts education with a generous contribution to the Warren King Foundation / Epson Scholarship, now renamed in appreciation of their significant support. Supports the Warren King Scholarship Fund, the alumni website where you can locate thousands of Reseda High alumni and chat on line, has agreed to donate $5 to the Warren King Scholarship Fund for each person who signs up on the Classmates web site using this link:

Alumni Attended From The Following States:



















New Hampshire

New Jersey

New Mexico

New York

North Carolina











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You can stop reading here, or you can read on to review the most recent updates on the tribute:


UPDATE: March 31, 2001

The Warren King Tribute is this Saturday night 3/31 at the Sportsmen's Lodge in Studio City, California. Cocktails at 6:30, Dinner at 7:30. Dress is "Cocktail Attire."

We will be accepting a limited number of walk-ins, and though we cannot guaranty seat availability, we will do our best to accommodate those who have only learned of the event recently. We will not be able to accept reservations on the web after 8am Saturday morning 3/31, so call 661 295 7618 or 661 713 3415 to reserve your seats.

If you haven't yet seen, you should check it out. You will find over 30,000 san fernando valley high school students there. Thousands of Reseda grads from the classes of 1956 to the present day. Look up any Reseda Grad, click on the name, and send them an email message. Or go to the messages area and post a message about a favorite teacher or long lost friend.  In organizing the Warren King Tribute we used daily, and it was an indispensable tool for locating many of you. Basic access to is free. Access to special features is $29.95 per year. is a sponsor of the Warren King Tribute, and will donate $5 of your $29.95 to the Warren King Foundation/Epson Scholarship, only when you join via this link: is now running a story about Warren King and the Reseda High Photo Program, at:

The Warren King Tribute Committee

UPDATE March 31, 2001

We are in need of a volunteer photographer to help cover the Tribute event.  If you are an experienced professional photojournalist or event photographer please contact

Mamiya America, in association with Marty Glickman ’80 and Rich Parker have generously donated a complete Mamiya RZ67 Pro II camera to our auction. If you’d like to own this professional quality medium format camera, you can bid either on line or at the Tribute.  Bid on the web: Http://

Photographers: Are you going to buy a Workbook Ad this year?  The Workbook has donated an advertising spread to The Warren King Foundation, for our auction benefiting the Scholarship Fund. If you are going to buy a Workbook ad, buy it in our auction and  let your money go to the Warren King Foundation. Bid at the Tribute or on the web at:

CORRECTION TO PHOTO ADDRESS provided in previous email bulletin
The historical Reseda High photos are located at the following web addresses:
Photo Students, Mr. King, Reseda High, Newspaper Clippings about Student Awards
Examples of current alumni work:


UPDATE: March 28, 2001

Saturday, March 31, 6:30 PM, Sportsmen’s Lodge, Studio City
The Dress: Cocktail Attire
More info and map at
Main Web Site:  (over 10,000 visitors as of today!)

Now THIS is REALLY your VERY LAST CHANCE to attend the Tribute
We are re-arranging the seats to make room for more tables -- If you would like to attend but have not yet paid, you have one last chance before we finalize our numbers with the venue. Please call Susan at (661) 259 7618 or visit the secure payment page on our web site at  (no “www in the web address for payment)
IF MONEY IS TIGHT and you sincerely cannot afford the $85 admission price for the Tribute, please call Susan today at the above number and she will take care of you. Other alumni have generously come forward with offers to subsidize admission for those who could not otherwise afford to attend. Don’t miss out.
Please support the Warren King Foundation/Epson Scholarship with a contribution, in any amount. Send checks to Warren King Foundation Scholarship, PO Box 861952, Los Angeles, CA 90086-1952  or visit our web site to donate on line using your credit card:  (no “www”)
We are proud to announce that Epson America has come forward with a major contribution to our scholarship fundraising drive. Combined with your donations and contributions from various corporations, we have now surpassed $20,000 in funds raised towards the Warren King Foundation/Epson Scholarships. We are halfway to our goal of $40,000.  Other major corporate sponsors: Kodak Professional, Brooks Institute, Adobe , Workbook, Photo District News, Mamiya,   Sinar Bron, Zephyr,,, History for Hire, Bookbinders, Lexar, Delkin, and others.
We have a large number of great items to be offered in a silent auction and raffle, from professional cameras to digital cameras, to golf foursomes. In addition, we will conduct a cash raffle in which the winner will probably go home with thousands of dollars. So come prepared!
MANY THANKS to those of you who sent in photographs of Warren and his classes. We now have hundreds of historical images on file, which we have used in producing a film about Warren and the importance of arts education, “Teaching Us To See.”  This 30 minute original film will  debut at the Tribute Dinner this Saturday. Our sincere thanks to everyone who participated in the production of the film, from those who produced this film to those who give of their time for interviews, to those who sent in photographs. We received so much material – enough to make a ten hour film!  So while we can’t promise that all of you made it into the film, we can promise one of the most powerful short films that you have seen in many years, produced entirely by Reseda High Alumni!
Check out our selection of images which we compiled for the film (this is our internal file, so the design is a little rough:
And check out our Alumni Gallery:
And it is not too late to post images in the gallery. Just follow the directions. But you will first need a digital file of your image. See

Well I personally can’t wait for Sunday. Then I can stop sending you all these email messages and finally get some sleep!
Thanks, and see you at the Tribute!

UPDATE: March 22, 2001

The Sportsmen's Lodge requires that we give them our total attendance count and sign our final contract NOW. If you would like to attend the Tribute and have not yet paid for your reservations, this is your LAST CHANCE. Please visit the web site reservation screen at and pay for your reservations now, or if you would like to send payment by mail, be sure to call Susan at (661) 259 7618 or send an email to and ask her to hold your seats.

We want ALL of Mr. King's Students to have the chance to attend this special event. If you sincerely cannot afford the $85 price of admission, we may be able to help. Several generous alumni have offered funds to assist fellow alumni who would otherwise be unable to attend due to financial hardship. So please do not hesitate to call Susan at (661) 259 7618 for information about financial assistance.

Do a great thing. Make it possible for one of your fellow alumni to attend the Tribute. We have heard from several alumni who desperately would like to attend, but cannot do so because of financial hardship. If you have enjoyed success and can afford to give fellow alumni the chance to join us at the Tribute, please send an email to or call (661) 259 7618.

Our raffle and auction will include a great selection of items, both photographic and otherwise. A few examples of our photographic prizes:  a Professional Mamiya RZ67 Outfit worth several thousand dollars, digital cameras, photography workshops at Brooks Institute, a complete package of Adobe Software, pro filter sets, hundreds of rolls of Kodak film, original prints by famous photographers, as well as golf foursomes and many other non photographic items. You will also have an excellent chance at winning up to $5000 in cash in our 50/50 raffle.

We will need help at the Tribute event. There is no event coordinator and we have no staff. We need help with set-up, admissions, auction, raffle, centerpieces, etc.. If you are able to help with preparations before the Tribute, or on the day of the Tribute itself, please send an email to

If so, this is your LAST CHANCE to get your comments included in the Tribute Book, which will be a one of a kind book presented to Mr. King at the Tribute, containing the comments and testimonials of hundreds of alumni. The ONLY way to get your comments included is to post them in the Guest Book on the Warren King web site at  so if you have not yet done so, there is no time like the present.




Warren King Tribute Update, March 12, 2001

We've had hundreds of reservations, and we are about to outgrow the room that we have reserved. We can expand to a larger room, but we desperately need you to make your reservations today so that we can determine whether we will need to buy the bigger room, or just close reservations now and call it a sell-out. If you have not yet paid for your tribute seats, please make your reservations today at

CHECK THIS OUT!  We now have photo alumni attending from:
Alaska, Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin, Europe and Japan!

The Sportsmen's Lodge Hotel is holding a block of rooms for our group, available at a discount rate of $118 Single or Double for a non-pool view room, or $133 for a pool view room. For hotel reservations call 800-821-8511 and let them know that you are with  "The Warren King Tribute."

Provide a valid address for anyone on our missing list (or anyone not yet listed) and you will receive 5 raffle tickets per address, giving you a shot at winning digital cameras and other great prizes. There are rules to this game. More information on

Help us to find sponsors and raffle/auction items and you will receive 1 raffle ticket for every $10 value of raffle prizes that you bring in. Rules and details at

There were no names listed in the yearbook for the 1957, 58, 72, and 73 photo club pics. Please help us to identify this alumni:


In addition, there were no first names listed for many years. Find your years at
And send any first names to us at

Post your photographs (professional, personal, family, etc) in the alumni gallery at

Warren King Tribute Update, March 9, 2001

As scheduled, on Saturday night, March 10 the admission price for the Warren King Tribute will increase by $10 per person. This is your last chance to make reservations at the "early bird" price.

If you have already paid for your reservations, you can disregard this message.

If you have not yet sent payment and would like to take advantage of the lower price, please send payment today by web, phone, or mail.

WEB:   (no "www")
Instant, on-line, secure reservations. Order must be submitted before midnight Saturday March 10.

(661)259 7618

Must be postmarked on or before 3/10/01
Warren King Foundation
PO Box 861952, Los Angeles, CA 90086-1952

For more information please visit the Warren King Tribute web site at or reply by email to

Many Thanks
The Warren King Tribute Committee

PS: 100% of the proceeds from the Warren King Tribute will go directly to the Warren King Foundation Scholarships, providing young artists with the opporutnity to pursue their dreams

Warren King Tribute Update, March 3, 2001


But first, many thanks to all of you who contacted Larry Sterling '79 today to support the Warren King Foundation Scholarship by buying a page in the Tribute book. I have been informed that I listed a disconnected number for Larry. The correct phone number for adding your congratulations or testimonial to the Tribute Book is:  Larry Sterling (818) 906 0621 or by email at  Time is running out - we need to get the book to the printer - so if you would like to put your business card, ˝ page, or full page testimonial in the book contact Larry today.


Tribute volunteer John Dechene '76 is working with our team to creating a very special presentation for the Tribute, on the life and career of our favorite teacher, H. Warren King.  John requests that you take advantage of this weekend to dive into your closet or garage, open up those dusty boxes, and dig out any historical photographs of :

Mr. King (portraits, teaching, working with students, on field trips, etc)
Photo Club
Field Trips
The Photo classroom
Reseda High
Your family photo (if you met your mate at reseda high)

We can use your photographs in ANY format: prints, slides, negatives, or digital files, anything. 

We really need your help with this, and fast. Please try to find photographs for us this weekend, and mail them out Monday or Tuesday  if possible, to ensure that your photographs are received  in time for inclusion in the presentation.

If you send prints or slides, send to the below address, and please include your name, phone, mailing address, and indicate if you need the photographs returned.

Mail your photographs to:  John P. Dechene  40 N. Sunny Vista Ave  Oak Park, CA 91377

By sending your photographs you grant the Warren King Foundation gratis permission to reproduce your photographs to support the Foundation and the scholarship. We will handle your photographs with utmost care, but cannot be responsible for loss or damage to photographs.

If you have a digital file or know how to scan images, email the file to John Dechene at:
Scan specs: 72 DPI, 1024 pixels in the longest dimension, RGB, JPEG at the highest quality

We can't do this without your help. If you have questions about submitting photos, contact John at :

Jeff S-e-d-l-i-k '80
The Warren King Tribute Committee

Warren King Tribute Update, March 2, 2001

Well folks, we've got just 30 days until the Warren King Tribute on March 31, 2001. During these last few weeks, we will be sending more frequent updates. If you'd rather not receive further updates, follow the directions at the bottom of this message.

Here is an update from Tribute Volunteer Larry Sterling, '79 who is working on our Tribute Book:


Hello All,

There will be a Tribute Book distributed to all guests at the Warren King Tribute. I'm getting together with two of my old friends to personally congratulate Warren on his
accomplishments by purchasing a testimonial page in the Tribute book. All proceeds from sales of these pages will go directly to the Warren King Foundation Scholarship Fund. I hope that you will also purchase a page to express your feelings about Warren in print, for Warren and all of your fellow alumni to see.

And if you own or work for a business, please consider advertising in the Tribute Book or printing a testimonial or congratulatory message.

 Four page sizes are available:
- Business card           $100.00 (just supply a card)
- 1/2 page                $300.00
- Full page               $500.00
- Two page spread         $900.00

This is a challenge from Larry Sterling Class of '79, to all of you out there who were inspired by Warren King. Let him know how you feel. I'm buying a page. You can too!

Your support of the Warren King Foundation will help to send two graduating Southern California high school seniors to college each year to study photography, and help to continue Warren's legacy of excellence for many years to come.

Please contact me A.S.A.P. to arrange for your tribute page. Just a few days left before we close the book....

Thank you,

Larry Sterling
(818) 906 0621

Warren King Tribute Update
Wednesday, February 14, 2001

Cupid Alert !
If there is a special someone in your life, don't forget Valentines Day, today, February 14.

Make your Reservations Today
We have received dozens of Tribute reservations in the last few days. Seats are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please visit the web site today and use your credit card to reserve your seats on our secure server. If you plan to send a check by mail, you can indicate "check" on your reservation. Reservations:

Scholarship Donations
We need your support of the Warren King Foundation Scholarship Fund. Every dollar counts. Your contribution in ANY amount would be appreciated. Our goal is to create an endowment which will perpetually fund the scholarship program. To do this we must raise $40,000. We are on our way. Many thanks to those who have made contributions in recent weeks.

Corporate Contributions
Can your company or employer sponsor the Warren King Tribute event and/or make a tax deductible corporate contribution to the Warren King Foundation Scholarship? For more details on the scholarship, see . To make a contribution see 

Warren King Alumni Gallery
Please post your photographs in our on-line Alumni Gallery as soon as possible. The gallery is NOT reserved for our professional photographer alumni. You are all welcome to post a selection of your work - anything - even a self portrait or a family photo. The gallery will accept digital files of any size. For more details, visit the Gallery at

Missing Alumni
Please review the updated list of missing alumni. Many more are added each day. The list takes a minute or so to appear on your screen. To avoid overloading our server, don't go directly to the missing alumni page after receiving this message - wait a little while. List of missing alumni: 

Happy Valentines Day!

The Warren King Tribute Committee

Sunday, February 11, 2001

We mailed out invitations to the Warren King Tribute on schedule, Friday February 9. IF YOU HAVE NOT REGISTERED ON THE WEB SITE YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE AN INVITATION. To determine whether you have registered, look for your name on our "Missing Alumni" list. If your name appears on that list,  you will need to register or send us your address.  To access the Missing Alumni list and look for your name, go to the web address listed under "Help Us To Find Your Classmates" below.

We now have an on-line list of all of missing photo alumni. Please take a look at the list and let us know if you recognize any of the names. Even knowing a first name, married name, parent's name, the location of a sibling, an old address, a birth date, or college, military, or job information can help point us in the right direction.  Because many people will be accessing the list at once, the list may take a full minute or more to appear on your screen, so please be patient and wait for it to load. Because many people will be accessing the list at once, the list may take a full minute or more to appear on your screen, so please be patient and wait for it to load. Time is running out, and we REALLY need your help with locating other alumni. To view the list of missing alumni, go to: 
there is no "www" in the address)

The Missing Alumni list will take a full minute to appear on your screen. If you have difficulty accessing the list, let us now at

Not surprisingly, it seems that quite a few relationships blossomed in the darkrooms at Reseda High. If you married a fellow photo student, please let us know. And give us a kid count too. 

If you are experienced with web searches and consider yourself to be an intermediate or advanced computer user, we could use your help to search for alumni. We have tools and instructions ready. 

UPDATE SENT 2/07/01:

Warren King Tribute Update: February 6, 2001

Well, now we are really making some progress. Please read this entire message, as there are important announcements about the Tribute.

It's official, the Warren King Tribute will take place March 31, 2001 at the Sportsmen's Lodge in Studio City, California, in the Starlight Ballroom,
6:30PM Cocktails & Hors D'oeuvres, 7:30pm Tribute Dinner.

Reserve Your Seat Today:
We have received a HUGE number of registrations, with alumni attending from more than 20 states nationwide. As of today we are officially taking paid reservations for seats at the Tribute. The event will sell out, so seats are available on a first come, first serve basis.  If you plan to attend the Tribute, we advise that you visit the website today and reserve your seats with a credit card. We have set up a secure area of the web site for this purpose at  You may also reserve your seat by mail or by phone. Phone is (661) 259 7618.

The Scholarship:
We are proud to announce that our (your) alumni group has officially launched the Warren King Foundation. The Foundation will fund the Warren King Foundation Scholarship, which will provide deserving high school photography students with college scholarships. This will be a perpetual scholarship, funded by an endowment based on your contributions and the proceeds from the Tribute event. There is no better way to honor Warren King than to make a contribution to the scholarship fund. More details at   You can put your tax deductible contribution on your credit card on the Tribute web site at We are on a mission to raise $40,000 to fund the endowment. If you know of a person or organization who might sponsor the scholarship, please email

The Invitations:
The invitations are at the printer and will be mailed Friday February 9, as scheduled. Many thanks to Mark Armstrong and Total Creative Inc. for designing and overseeing the production of the invitations. As stated above, we recommend that you make your reservations today by credit card on the web site, to reserve your seat at the Tribute. We cannot guaranty seat availability if you wait for the invitations. Please Note: If you have not registered on the web site, you will not receive an invitation (see below)

If you have not yet registered on the tribute web site, now is the time. We can't mail you an invitation unless you have provided your street address, so no registration, no invitation. The registration screen is at If you can't remember whether you have registered, you can search for your registration at:

The Gallery:
We are proud to announce the opening of the Warren King Alumni Gallery, a virtual exhibition of images created by the students and friends of Warren King. Alumni are welcome to submit an unlimited number of images to the gallery, at no cost, including personal work, commercial work, photographs of Mr. King, your days at Reseda High, even your family photos! If you work in other media (sculpture, painting, design, anything) feel free to post images of your work. The Gallery is located on the Tribute web site at  Submitting images to the Gallery is as easy as pressing a button. However, you will first need a scan of your image. You can scan it yourself or you can obtain a scan at a local lab or copy shop. Ideally, the scan should be 72 DPI,  1024 pixels in the longest dimension, RGB, saved as a JPEG file at the highest quality. If this is all gibberish to you, print this page and take it to a lab/copy center with your prints or slides, and show them the specs. Images will be selected from the Gallery for presentation in a multimedia show to be aired at the Tribute and may be printed in the Tribute book.

The Guest Book
We need your testimonials about Mr. King. If you haven't yet done so, please share your comments about your experience with Mr. King. How did your time with Warren King affect your life and/or career? What are you doing now?  Does photography remain a part of your life? Do you have any special memories of Warren? Anything that you would like to say to Warren?  To post your comments in the Guest Book, go to:
We need your comments now, as we are compiling the comments for printing in the Tribute Book.

The Raffle:
If you can assist us with obtaining raffle prizes for the Tribute, please contact . We need prizes of all kinds, from camera equipment to dinners, to vacations, wine, etc..

Please help us to spread the word:
If you know of the whereabouts of any other alumni, please contact and share your information so that we can mail out invitations.

Enough for now.

The Warren King Tribute Committee
Many thanks to Eastman Kodak,, and for their support of the Warren King Tribute

UPDATE SENT 1/22/01:

Hi All

The good news is, sent out 30,000 emails last week to every
graduate of every school in the valley since 1955.

The bad news is, so many alumni registered in response that we have now
outgrown our venue!  And we haven't even sent our invitations yet. We are in the
process of locking in an alternate location, most likely in Universal City.

At this point we really need some professional help. If you have experience
or skills in any of the below categories, or if you know someone who would be
willing to donate services, please contact me immediately. We have no
funds, and want all of the proceeds from the even to go directly into the Warren King
Honorary Scholarship. Please help us to make this tribute and the
scholarship happen. You can contribute as much or as little time as you can muster.
Please read through this list and let me know if you can help:


Volunteers needed immediately for:

Press Relations: Writing press releases, coordinating upcoming print and TV
coverage and interviews, wrangling press.

Graphic Design: Design invitation, tickets, program, and other materials
associated with the event.

Printing: Printing materials associated with the tribute: initiations,
tickets, etc.

Attorney/Legal: Assistance with setting up a non-profit corporation for the

Accountant/Bookkeeper: Treasurer for the event and scholarship. Handle all
incoming funds and disbursements.

Multimedia Production/Editing: production of a 10 minute retrospective on
Mr. King and student work, to be presented at the event (digital projection).

Lab/Digital Service Bureau: Scanning images and prints and prepping image
files for digital projection. Making a few enlargements for the event.

Web Design: Assistance with creating a secure page on the website for
handling ticket sales and donations.

Email Communications: Coordination of  bulk emails going to group the
registered alumni

Bulk Mail: Assistance with mailing of invitations.

Class Roster: Create a book listing all of Warren's alumni and their
comments, for presentation at the tribute.

VIP Coordination: Following up with the many VIPs who will be attending:
Senators, Congress, School District, etc.

Travel Agent: Set up discounts for attendees and handle reservations, while
donating any associated fees to the scholarship fund.

Data Entry: Assist with entering alumni names and addresses into our
database, from your computer at home.

Sponsorship: If you have experience in non-profit fund raising, we need you.

Solicit our list of potential sponsors for the event. Coordinate
sponsorship benefits.

Raffle Donations: Contact local vendors and national manufacturers and
solicit donations of goods and services which will be raffled off at the event to
raise money for the scholarship fund.

Event Planning / Coordination: Professional assistance with event

Catering: 600-1000 people

Audio Visual Equipment: Digital Projectors. Background music for the

Security: Security at the event.

Screen printing: donation of printing of caps and t-shirts

Scholarship Coordination: Liaison to our scholarship management company.
Coordinate with the colleges participating in the program.

Awards Coordination: Liaison to the corporations and organizations which
will be presenting awards to warren at the event.

Research: Help with following leads to find alumni and notify them of the

Telephone team: Help with calling alumni for whom we already have contact

Donation of goods and service, from A to Z:: If you or your company are in a
position to donate goods or services (whether it be wine, travel packages, photo
equipment (new) or anything whatsoever)  for the fundraiser/raffle, or to
sponsor the event or scholarship, please let us know how you can help.

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